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Starget environmental protection coolib series

Product Name:4-valve digital manifold

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      1.Pressure and vacuum gauge shift function. 2.Build-in 82 refrigerants according to U.S.A.NIST standarcl refrigerants pressure and temperature relationship database. 3.Real-time vacuum pressure test and percent indicate. 4.Low power indicate.Batteries life:30H.9V.
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    Refrigerant R415B
    Refrigerant R415B
    R415B refrigerant gas has entered into the regional and world servicing market for the replacement of R-12, and even R-134a.
    Refrigerant R418A
    Refrigerant R418A
    R418A refrigerant gas is a new envioronmental-friendly gas. R418A is used to replace R22 and R502 in household air conditioning,central air conditioning,industrial process refrigeration,transport refrigeration, cold storage warehouse etc.
    Refrigerant R32
    Refrigerant R32
    HFC-32 is used as a special type of refrigerant or make blend refrigerants such as R407, R410, R504.
    Refrigerant R23
    Refrigerant R23
    Low temperature refrigerant, extinguishant, chemical raw material

     Refrigerant 123 


     Physical properties:
     Pressure units  Kpa, Bar, Psi, Torr, Kg F/em2,   InHg, MmHg
     Temperature units  ℉  , 
     Test range URC  -101 Kpa-6Mpa
     Test range RXX  -101 Kpa-4Mpa
     Test range  For WK688L, WK688H
     Resolution  1Kpa
     Accuracy  +0.5%
     Overload  100Bar,10Mpa
     Operating temp  -20 ℃~60 ℃

    Refrigerant 123 




    Refrigerant R22 



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